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Gathering Deon Newman, at IBM Watson Internet of Things and Simon Reveley, at Figment Productions, this new AV Connections event was both thought provoking and inspiring.


Gathering Deon Newman, at IBM Watson Internet of Things and Simon Reveley, at Figment Productions, this new AV Connections event was both thought provoking and inspiring.

Our second AV Connections event continues our series of exclusive forums, and there will be more opportunities to join what has already been hailed as an exciting and ground-breaking initiative.

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Interview with Andrew Till
Technology Strategist

Get a taste of Andrew's insights on the AV technological disruptions transforming the workspace in this interview for AV Magazine

What's often lost in our economic climate is the way in which organisations, large and small, are making decisions about their workplaces. More often than not, business leaders only partially understand their current and future workforce needs. This is especially so when organisations are faced with unforeseen disruption.

Q: What challenges and elements of disruption are businesses facing?

A: The Internet of Things (IoT) will certainly be disruptive, but companies must leverage the technologies that make up IoT. Don't think about IoT just as hardware you're installing but as a complete system. IoT is mainly concerned with how we use the data its technology collects, rather than the process of collection. With IoT the challenge is how to create insight and how best to utilise it within a given organisation. Technology is disrupting the way we make use of the data it helps to collect, creating lots of business opportunities that consultants can help their clients to exploit.

Q: How is the nature of work changing?

A: End users are driving an enormous amount of business change in their supposedly agile organisations. User businesses are moving very quickly and they require clear strategies about how to use technology to support agile working. Consultants have a vital role to help companies create this ecosystem and manage its development.

A new generation is coming into the workplace. People are working more remotely, with technologies, enabling them to be as, if not more, proactive outside the office environment. Smart buildings are now starting to provide a better working environment which is leading to happier employees and lower attrition. Companies have to build ecosystems and partnerships to deliver the technologies and glue that makes them work.

The biggest challenge companies are facing moving forwards is this new generation coming into the workplace. They're not looking to work for a company for five to 10 years. They think about things differently.

They're more idealistic, used to using social media and working remotely. Look at how you're designing your AV systems to accommodate nomad workers who service projects for a few months at a time, a trend that is appearing on the US west coast.

Instead of chasing the technology examine how you're accommodating true remote and home working. How are staff collaborating/working together/operating as teams.

The new generation is much more familiar with collaboration tools and is the generation that is really going to use all the technologies being put into workspaces today much more aggressively. Expectations are different. They just want to use the technology intuitively and not have to think about it. They expect it to work and accommodate their way of working.

Q: Could this create a revolution in AV and IT?

A: Core functionality is undergoing the biggest change in its history. This new generation cares about personalising data with a lot of value being in the user experience, so keeping it clean and up to date becomes vital.

The value of IoT is you can use it to understand how people work around the building, see if and how they interact. If you're deploying agile working are people doing what you actually expected so you can remodel your working spaces. You can also link this to employee satisfaction levels, asking if the building actually creates the right environment for collaboration in the way the staff expected.

AV technology must customise the user experience, exploring the user journey with front end software making systems easy to use and acting as a common interface to other systems.

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